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The Wisdom of Collective Knowledge: A New Approach to Model Markets

Executive Summary Financial news is a key resource for investors to base decisions on. While quarterly results are the measure of the health of a company, the experts’ interpretations of the reported numbers, as written down in financial analyses, create a lot of additional nuance. Humans are very good at collecting information from written statements,… Read more »

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Whitepaper: Anticipating the Ford Downgrade – Example Application of Contextual Sentiment Analysis

Moody’s recent downgrade of Ford (Ticker: F) on Monday, September 9th presents an opportunity to explore whether the aggregated information contained in published financial and economics-related articles could have warned us of the strong potential for downgrade prior to Moody’s announcement. To answer this question, we did an analysis of aggregated contextual sentiment on a… Read more »

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Case Study: Moody’s Downgrade of Ford on 9/8/2019

Executive Summary This case study focuses on Moody’s recent downgrade of Ford which had a negative influence on Ford’s stock the next day (September 9th, 2019). In this case study, the analyst uses a real-time Causality Link dashboard of Ford’s key performance indicators (KPIs), to carefully analyze the information about each KPI and then reassemble… Read more »

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Causality Link named as a Cool Vendor in AI for Banking and Investment Services by Gartner Inc

Causality Link has been named in Gartner Inc’s 2019 Cool Vendors in AI for Banking and Investment Services report, which examines innovative and disruptive FinTech vendors with unique capabilities in the marketplace. All five of the vendors listed in the 2019 report are applying artificial intelligence in new ways that enhance returns and improve operations… Read more »

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Causality Link Enters Strategic Collaboration With The Toulouse School of Economics; Nobel laureate Jean Tirole Joins Board of Advisors

SALT LAKE CITY and TOULOUSE, FRANCE – June 28, 2018 – Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven investment technology provider, today announced that it will partner with France’s Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, Causality Link will incorporate TSE’s vast library of content into its platform and… Read more »

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Augmented Intelligence: Cooperation with AI

Recent press surrounding artificial intelligence seems fixated on the fear that intelligent machines of the future will steal jobs from humans and essentially replace us. While it is certain that our society has and will continue the quest to automate, the increasing role of AI is no more a threat to human value than the… Read more »