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Causality Link Enters Strategic Collaboration With The Toulouse School of Economics; Nobel laureate Jean Tirole Joins Board of Advisors

Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven investment technology provider, today announced that it will partner with France’s Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, Causality Link will incorporate TSE’s vast library of content into its platform and collaborate with its researchers, while TSE will gain an equity stake in the firm.

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Integrity Research: AI Startup Focuses on Helping Independent Boutiques Leverage Machine LearningCreated by shashank singhfrom the Noun Project

Causality Link, a start-up artificial intelligence processing provider co-founded by an IBM data sciences heavyweight, is targeting independent research firms as an initial vertical for its platform.  Although the firm is early stage, it could be an interesting fit for IRPs seeking to integrate AI into their research process.

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Augmented Intelligence: Cooperation with AI

Recent press surrounding artificial intelligence seems fixated on the fear that intelligent machines of the future will steal jobs from humans and essentially replace us. While it is certain that our society has and will continue the quest to automate, the increasing role of AI is no more a threat to human value than the… Read more »