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Stanford CS 520 Seminar: Knowledge Graphs in Fintech

Knowledge graphs have emerged as a compelling abstraction for organizing world’s structured knowledge over the internet, capturing relationships among key entities of interest to enterprises, and a way to integrate information extracted from multiple data sources. Knowledge graphs have also started to play a central role in machine learning and natural language processing as a… Read more »

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AWS Webinar: How Fintechs are Leveraging AI/ML

Causality Link co-founder and CTO Eric Jensen joins Quantiphi and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a webinar on how fintech startups can leverage seamless document processing, custom ML models and AI-powered virtual assistants to solve business problems. In this webinar, Eric shares how our technology collects millions of documents globally, reading more than 50,000 articles… Read more »

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Causality Link CEO Pierre Haren Discusses Research Assistant at The Knowledge Graph Conference

In May 2020, Causality Link co-founder and CEO, Pierre Haren, joined leaders in technology, research, academia and practitioners at the second annual Knowledge Graph Conference to discuss knowledge graphs and how they are playing a role in understanding the world. Pierre was invited to discuss how Causality Link leverages knowledge graphs to understand the impact… Read more »

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White Paper: Anticipating the Ford Downgrade – Example Application of Contextual Sentiment Analysis

Moody’s recent downgrade of Ford (Ticker: F) on Monday, September 9th presents an opportunity to explore whether the aggregated information contained in published financial and economics-related articles could have warned us of the strong potential for downgrade prior to Moody’s announcement. To answer this question, we did an analysis of aggregated contextual sentiment on a… Read more »

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Case Study: Moody’s Downgrade of Ford on 9/8/2019

This case study focuses on Moody’s recent downgrade of Ford which had a negative influence on Ford’s stock the next day (September 9th, 2019). In this case study, the analyst uses a real-time Causality Link dashboard of Ford’s key performance indicators (KPIs), to carefully analyze the information about each KPI and then reassemble them into… Read more »