Causality Link Adds Veteran Buy-Side Executive Antoine Mallard as Vice President of Portfolio Management

SALT LAKE CITY – May 12, 2020 – Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven investment technology provider, today announced the addition of veteran buy-side executive Antoine Mallard to the firm as Vice President of Portfolio Management. In this role, Antoine will use his expertise in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and portfolio management to accelerate Causality Link’s growth and hone the firm’s offering to provide the greatest impact to its investor clients.

Antoine brings more than 20 years of experience as an alternatives and equities investment manager with an international career spanning London, New York and Paris. Before joining Causality Link, Antoine co-founded Ai.VEN Partners, an impact fund specialized in artificial intelligence. Prior to that, he was chief investment officer at D’Alembert Capital, where he developed a quantamental strategy that leveraged market inefficiencies. Antoine was a senior portfolio manager at Concordia Advisors in London where he led successful activist campaigns and subsequently attracted an investment from MAN Group, the world’s largest publicly-listed hedge fund. Earlier in his career, he held various specialist and management roles at highly-regarded firms including Credit Suisse, Apax Partners and Credit Agricole. In addition to his role at Causality Link, Antoine will continue as a professor at Cambridge University and other leading European business schools.

In his role as VP of Portfolio Management, Antoine will apply his expertise in fundamental and systematic strategies to guide the firm’s software development as well as to drive sales efforts with asset managers in the United Kingdom. Employing his expansive network and years of experience as a portfolio manager, Antoine will provide strategic guidance in developing the platform to more precisely suit the needs of the buy side and facilitate the discovery and delivery of the intelligence that asset managers need to generate higher returns and lower drawdowns.

“The unique beauty of Causality Link is that the original ideas its technology unearths are often contrarian to market beliefs and go far beyond a mere sentiment indication,” said Mallard. “The platform eliminates any randomness and biases in idea generation and finds the very best – and many times, undiscovered – investment ideas at the core of any market-beating strategies. Having built my career on looking beyond the status quo in search of more efficiency (often technology-led) to solve real-life challenges, I am excited to use my experience to help drive the platform forward.”

“We are leading a revolution in the way research is done and distributed, and we are proud to have an accomplished buy-side industry veteran like Antoine join the team,” commented Pierre Haren, co-founder and CEO of Causality Link. “Our technology is uncovering the actionable intelligence the buy side is looking for and we now have Antoine’s expertise and guidance to get this information where it needs to go and in a way that makes it as understandable and actionable as possible.”

With the overall aim of improving transparency in financial markets, the Causality Link platform models the forces acting on the markets, leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to weave together the insights and creativity of experts in understanding the causal relationships at work in the financial world. The solution is leading the next wave of AI innovation that leverages technology to combine human knowledge from thousands of authors.

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With its advanced AI-driven research platform, Causality Link helps investment research professionals produce smarter decisions by better understanding the “causal links” between their subjects and various market indicators. Causality Link was formed on the notion that long-term success in AI and Machine Learning requires a balance of human and machine collaboration that leverages the strongest qualities in each. Causality Link’s platform merges explicit expert knowledge of causation – not simply correlation – with the mathematical power of predictive analytics enabling professionals to gain big-picture understanding of the financial markets. Visit to learn more.

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