The AI for Why

Through the power of causal links, crowd wisdom and full transparency, our AI platform will transform your market research and deliver more reliable insight into the future.


Global Perspective Through Collective Intelligence

When it comes to AI for market research, there’s strength in numbers. Our platform reads tens of thousands of news articles and documents daily to provide early and diverse perspectives from a large group of experts, delivering an automated global view of the market.

Gain insight from thousands of documents ingested each day, in near real time, including local newspapers, trade magazines, research reports, earnings releases, market updates and more

Consider perspectives from 8,000 publishers in 27 languages for a total of 128 million documents processed since 2014

Add your own proprietary content to maximize the predictive power of our AI-powered market research platform

Tap into the wisdom of crowds to validate findings and substantiate opinions

Find signals from their points of origin to unlock unprecedented insight into cause-and-effect relationships

Compare and contrast differing perspectives from internal and external sources

View articles and documents in fully licensed entirety from NewsEdge and MT Newswires, two of the industry’s most trusted providers

Leverage our relationships with business data and content providers like FactSet and IEX for additional intelligence

Customize and integrate our insights and Bayesian models with help from our strategic partners: Accuracy, Arenium Consulting and Bayesia

Our Sources – By the Numbers


Publishers including 4,000 newspapers, 1,000 trade journals, 400 magazines and 400 newswires


Languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese

128 Million

Documents since launch including often overlooked sources like academic journals, patent abstracts, broadcast transcripts and more


Articles per day from the world’s top news publications (New York Times, USA Today, MT Newswires) as well as niche sources from around the world


Insight Driven by Cause and Effect

Through machine learning and natural language processing, our AI research platform extracts the key performance indicators, events, trends and causal links that describe the market forces acting over time on companies, commodities, sectors, industries and more.
  • Research virtually any publicly traded company in the world – over 40,000 firms across 187 exchanges worldwide

  • View insights for individual sectors, sub-sectors, industries and industry groups, with thousands of granular segments for each category

  • Drill down by geography, from entire continents and countries to every major state, region and city
  • Assess the impact of economic and information events on any scale, from macroeconomic trends to filings and disclosures from individual companies

  • Measure the effects of hundreds of categories of events, from holidays and sporting events to protests, vaccine rollouts and criminal activity

  • Identify cause-and-effect relationships based on a vast array of indicators on sales, revenues, risks and more, bucketed by industry, index and economic context
  • Leverage our highly scalable, proprietary system built for unmatched precision and massive processing capacity

  • Use a market research platform that truly understands written words and can distinguish between past and future tense, unlike most AI newsreaders

  • Benefit from our constant oversight of the platform, with new terminology categorized on an ongoing basis to ensure that emerging concepts and topics are never missed

Our Extractions – By the Numbers


Industries measured across time and geography


Companies across 187 exchanges worldwide


KPIs from core business fundamentals to the most granular and elusive measures


Events from standard business functions and regular filings to the most unexpected developments

These unlock an incredible array of insights through our platform:

4 Billion


1 Billion


160 Million


400 Million


47 Million

Causal Links


Better Models Through Comprehensive Context

Our platform makes it easy to translate insight into action. With a wide range of analytical tools and full context for every piece of data extracted, you will know who said it, when they said it, the time period they were referring to and more, so you can substantiate findings, evaluate new ideas and make better decisions.

Visualize trends through interactive graphs, complete with links to the sources driving them each day

Overlay fundamental financial data with signals identified via data extraction to understand their relationship, assess discrepancies and identify opportunities

Select and analyze any combination of our massive array of signals and indicators

Create powerful representations of causal links, with our platform identifying the most notable relationships between signals and indicators

Leverage intelligence from our full archive of news and documents and source breakdowns of every explanation experts have provided for a given trend

Compare models with one another and explore how to apply their insights, with three years of full market data for back-testing purposes

Create portfolios consisting of any combination of countries, industries and equities and receive regular forecasts upon coverage updates

Receive novelty reports on criteria that receive smaller amounts of coverage, drawing attention to cause-and-effect relationships that may go undetected by the market at large

Subscribe to automated, customizable alerts so you never miss an opportunity


AI-Powered Market Research the Way You Want It

No two organizations are the same, so we offer multiple delivery mechanisms for our technology. Regardless of your preference, the result is an enhanced ability to perform market research through the power of AI and causal links.

Combine the qualitative with the quantitative by arming market research professionals with the power of AI

Work with an intuitive, easily navigable platform with ample opportunities for exploration, visualization, knowledge sharing and more

Start researching today through cloud technology and a streamlined delivery process

Leverage our underlying data to produce recommendations based on your own algos, leading to better performance for analysts and quants

Benefit from integrations with AWS-powered tools and Jupyter Notebook, helping you get to work faster

Combine with other market research and insights to create a more informed data ecosystem, unlocking a better understanding of the future through AI

Go through a straightforward sales and onboarding process, including frequent communication with our team

Benefit from favorable pricing, so you can realize the benefits of AI-powered market research while increasing your bottom line

Work with our excellent client service organization, with professionals who will understand your business inside and out