Informing the World Through Causal Links

By identifying explicit cause-and-effect relationships from thousands of documents in near real time, users in finance, government and corporate settings can gain unprecedented insight into the future. From there, the possibilities are endless.


Make Better Investments

For success in today’s markets, relying on backward-looking data alone isn’t enough. We deliver the advanced platform and analytics that finance professionals – banks, asset managers and hedge funds alike – need to gain an advantage on the competition.
Identify investment opportunities and enhance risk management by detecting and monitoring financial indicators in the news and other documents before the market responds using our SaaS solution
Build and share models with robust visualization capabilities using any combination of predictive signals and causal links
Leverage our unique Bayesian network generation capabilities to produce advanced models that predict the future evolution of any indicator. These models can be uploaded to platforms such as BayesiaLab to perform sensitivity analysis and what-if scenarios
Leverage our Data-as-a-Service solution to integrate our data with your algos and let them power your decision-making
Amundi Technology
Causality Link is leading the next wave of AI innovation that leverages technology to combine human knowledge from thousands of authors.
Matthieu Keip, Innovation Lead, Amundi Technology
Horizon, S.A.
The value of the Causality Link platform for industrial and financial risk detection, and for a global understanding of the complexity of modern supply chains, is truly unparalleled. Coming from the complex and exceedingly interconnected paradigm of the car manufacturing supply chain, I instantly recognized the power of what Causality Link does.
Jean-Baptiste Duzan, Manager. Horizon, S.A.


Gain Perspective on Companies and Clients

Real-time assessment of public sentiment and future risk is valuable for any firm. Whether you’re an in-house executive or a management consultant, we give you the tools to maintain your edge over the long term.
Mine news articles and other documents for indications of future supply chain disruptions, labor issues, cash flow difficulties and other business crises
Perform reputational analysis on factors from financial performance to ESG criteria in markets around the world
Enhance investor relations and internal strategy through powerful insights on how your company is seen and how it can prepare for the future – then act on them
We have followed the evolution of Causality Link for the last three years and have seen firsthand the strength of both the team and the platform itself. Not only have we been impressed at the speed of its evolution, but we have also been amazed by the high quality and relevance of the information Causality Link can provide. As a strategic advisory firm, we serve a diverse client base with a broad spectrum of business challenges; Causality Link’s data will allow us and our clients to address those challenges quickly and efficiently.
Jean Barrère, Partner, Accuracy
Arenium Consulting
Our clients rely upon the most up-to-date technology and data to deliver for their own customers, for investors and for France and Europe’s financial systems. We are excited by the reach of Causality Link’s network, the innovation in the technology and its potential to provide unique intelligence. The company’s experience in AI and its understanding of that discipline’s promise for banking is unparalleled, and we have been particularly impressed by the quality of people they have hired.
Jean-Bernard Mateu, President and Co-Founder, Arenium Consulting


Create More Informed Policies

From predicting macroeconomic developments to serving constituents across their jurisdiction, the public sector can leverage global and regional intelligence and causal links to better understand the future in a near infinite range of areas.
Access extensive datasets on key macroeconomic indicators, including inflation, interest rates, employment and consumer buying patterns – and drill down into each to identify causal links
Increase consistency and quality of published reports with a single source of cause-and-effect data and AI-generated breakdowns of the challenges in reaching specific policy goals
Access content and insights from around the world, with powerful translation capabilities enhancing your ability to operate in any jurisdiction