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Leverage Knowledge,
Not Just Data

Data is about the past. Knowledge represents long-lasting causality that can predict outcomes. That’s why mining knowledge, and not only data, from vast amounts of text is a better way to find valuable perspectives on companies, industries and macroeconomic topics.

Move Beyond
Sentiment 1.0

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Sentiment 1.0

Sentiment 1.0 only captures opinions and emotions.

Sentiment 2.0

Causality Link goes further with Sentiment 2.0. Our Platform reaches deeper into the wisdom of the crowd. It finds details and context that are less emotional and more precise.

Causal Links

Beyond Sentiment 2.0, our Platform adds an entirely new dimension of knowledge. Causal links are explicit, cause-and-effect statements that only humans can make. More than the what, they address the why.

with Causality Link

Causality Link’s AI-powered research platform extracts the knowledge contained within causal links from millions of documents and other text-based sources. Merging that unique intelligence with powerful predictive analytics, the Causality Link platform generates more telling, longer lasting, less emotional and more precise insights and forecasts on companies, industries and macroeconomic topics.

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