Causality Link Integrates Generative AI into Its Groundbreaking AI-Driven Research Platform

Free trial of new capabilities allows finance, business and research professionals access to timely AI-derived insights personalized to each user

Salt Lake City, September 12, 2023 – Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven financial information technology provider, today announced the introduction of generative AI into its AI-driven research platform. With this new version of Causality Link, the ground-breaking platform delivers an even clearer, more readable picture of important industry news.

To promote industry awareness of the new technology and enhanced functionality, Causality Link is offering free trial access to investors, finance and business professionals, researchers and others. Users can select up to five public companies to track, and Causality Link will deliver a daily personalized update including short summaries of the most salient news published in the prior 24 hours.

The Causality Link platform scours tens of thousands of news articles from around the world in real time each day, identifying the events, trends and key performance indicators that can point to future economic performance as well as the causal links that explain why. With the addition of generative AI, the platform now summarizes the findings as well, further streamlining research workflows and making it easier to act on the intelligence the platform is delivering.

“Most investors and business leaders ultimately rely on only a sliver of news to make even the most consequential decisions, even as they know there is more information out there that they simply don’t have time to read,” said Causality Link Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Eric Jensen. “The enhanced version of Causality Link combines generative and causal AI to empower users with valuable insights that are easily comprehensible to a degree never before possible. That makes this intelligence more actionable and can provide an edge to investors and business leaders while minimizing the commitment of precious time.”

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About Causality Link

Causality Link provides a unique AI-powered research platform that reads thousands of news articles and research documents from around the world every day to provide unbiased perspectives based on the collective intelligence of large and diverse groups of experts. The cause-and-effect relationships revealed by Causality Link go beyond simply identifying what has happened to uncover why, providing more reliable insight into the future performance of companies, industries and economies. With full transparency into the origins, details and rationales for the causal links the platform identifies, users can more easily substantiate interesting findings and evaluate new ideas. For more information, visit


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