Accuracy and Causality Link announce Partnership to Leverage AI-Driven Financial Research Platform

PARIS and SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 21, 2022 — Accuracy, an international advisory firm that brings its expertise to business leaders and decision-makers, and Causality Link, a financial information technology provider, today announced they have signed a partnership agreement to enrich certain areas of Accuracy’s strategic advisory services with the information produced by Causality Link’s platform.

Causality Link’s AI-powered platform analyzes more than 120 million texts globally in real time to identify explicit cause-and-effect statements. Reading texts in 27 languages, the platform aggregates the knowledge of thousands of authors into a single collective intelligence system, which then directly manages the key performance indicators, events, trends, and causal links mentioned in these texts. Through the platform, portfolio managers, analysts, and business users can grasp the collective insights of thousands of authors on the market forces acting on commodities, equities, industries, and countries.

The availability of this real-time information flow will enhance Accuracy’s ability to deliver focused and up-to-date advice to its clients, improving understanding of the strategic and critical situations that companies are now facing on an almost constant basis. Using Causality Link’s proprietary causal graph of over 40 million explicit links, this new source of information will help support the strategic and financial analyses and recommendations provided to clients, whether elaborated in reports or through live digital platforms.

In discussing the new partnership, Jean Barrère, partner at Accuracy said, “We have followed the evolution of Causality Link for the last three years and have seen firsthand the strength of both the team and the platform itself. Not only have we been impressed at the speed of its evolution, but we have also been amazed by the high quality and relevance of the information Causality Link can provide. As a strategic advisory firm, we serve a diverse client base with a broad spectrum of business challenges; Causality Link’s data will allow us and our clients to address those challenges quickly and efficiently.”

Pierre Haren, co-founder and CEO of Causality Link said, “The unique expertise of Accuracy consultants is complemented by a remarkable in-house team of data scientists who are leveraging the real-time data lake of Causality Link. I am particularly eager to demonstrate the new strategic angle and the advantages that Causality Link will provide. Through this mutually beneficial partnership, strategic advice will soon be delivered with customized dashboards, demonstrating the power of real-time collective intelligence.”


With its advanced AI-driven research platform, Causality Link helps investment research professionals produce smarter decisions by better understanding the “causal links” between various market indicators and events. Causality Link was formed on the notion that long-term success in AI and Machine Learning requires a balance of human and machine collaboration that leverages the strongest qualities in each. Causality Link’s platform merges NLP technology to extract explicit expert knowledge of causation – not simply correlation – with the mathematical power of predictive analytics, enabling professionals to gain big-picture understanding of the financial markets. Visit to learn more.

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