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Paper: Chasing a Moving Target with a Slow Process

By Pierre Haren, Yves Bamberger, Laurent Gouzenes, Christian Deutsch A modified version of this paper originally ran in RealClearWorld. On May 25, 2022, US President Joe Biden delivered a graduation speech at the US Naval Academy. In his speech, he repeated what China President Xi Jinping had told him as he was congratulating him for… Read more »

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Paper: When AI Meets Economy: an Analysis of the Ukraine War

As the war unfolds in Ukraine, the understanding of its impact on the global economy is changing rapidly and some excellent analysis has already been produced. In this paper, Amundi Technology and Amundi Institute have used the Causality Link platform to analyse the current state of our international situation in order to provide some projections regarding the future. By… Read more »

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2021 BayesiaLab Conference Presentation: Automatic Generation of Bayesian Network Simulators from Financial Texts

On Friday, October 15 at 3:30 pm UTC Causality Link Chief Data Scientist Dr. Olav Laudy will present at the 2021 BayesiaLab Conference on the automatic generation of Bayesian Network simulators from financial texts. Learn more here. Abstract  Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) on millions of texts and optimization, we automatically generate Bayesian Networks centered around… Read more »

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7 Factors Driving Bitcoin: How News Analysis Can Help Predict Bitcoin Price Movements

The Wall Street adage “Buy the rumor, sell the news” belies what is often observed in traditional markets but especially cryptocurrency markets: prices of crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC) are often violently impacted by reactions to news stories. Cryptocurrency investors have an opportunity to capitalize on this sentiment-fueled volatility through intelligent analysis of the news.… Read more »

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Stanford CS 520 Seminar: Knowledge Graphs in Fintech

Knowledge graphs have emerged as a compelling abstraction for organizing world’s structured knowledge over the internet, capturing relationships among key entities of interest to enterprises, and a way to integrate information extracted from multiple data sources. Knowledge graphs have also started to play a central role in machine learning and natural language processing as a… Read more »

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AWS Webinar: How Fintechs are Leveraging AI/ML

Causality Link co-founder and CTO Eric Jensen joins Quantiphi and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a webinar on how fintech startups can leverage seamless document processing, custom ML models and AI-powered virtual assistants to solve business problems. In this webinar, Eric shares how our technology collects millions of documents globally, reading more than 50,000 articles… Read more »