Causality Link Enters Strategic Collaboration With The Toulouse School of Economics; Nobel laureate Jean Tirole Joins Board of Advisors

SALT LAKE CITY and TOULOUSE, FRANCE – June 28, 2018 – Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven investment technology provider, today announced that it will partner with France’s Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, Causality Link will incorporate TSE’s vast library of content into its platform and collaborate with its researchers, while TSE will gain an equity stake in the firm. Jean Tirole, Chairman of TSE and Laureate of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, will join the Causality Link advisory board, ex gratia. In turn, Causality Link will join the partners of TSE’s Digital Center.

Through this strategic collaboration, Causality Link will accelerate their delivery of an AI platform that incorporates the knowledge and wisdom of the analyst community as well as academia. With the overall aim of improving transparency in financial markets, the platform models the forces acting on the markets, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to weave together the insights and creativity of experts in understanding the causal relationships at work in the financial world. The solution is leading the next wave of AI solutions that combine human generated knowledge with concepts abstracted from big data.

Commenting on the agreement with TSE, Dr. Pierre Haren, Causality Link CEO, said: “It is an honor to have Jean Tirole join our Advisory Board. By bringing in the advanced knowledge and capabilities of TSE and closely collaborating with their researchers, we will be able to accelerate the integration of state-of-the-art economic theory with our new AI concepts. The ability to ingest TSE’s massive trove of academic papers and research into our NLP engine will be invaluable as we prepare for our full commercial launch later this year.”

Professor Tirole remarked: “I have always admired Pierre’s ability to bring to market the best ideas in artificial intelligence. His previous AI company, ILOG, returned a significant amount of capital to INRIA with a similar private/public research partnership after IBM acquired ILOG in 2008. TSE is excited by the potential of Causality Link’s breakthrough AI platform.”

Sebastien Pouget, Professor of Finance at TSE and Director of the TSE/Causality Link partnership, added: “The Causality Link platform sparked my curiosity not only for what the solution can bring to the market, but also for the value it provides those of us who are doing research and teaching at TSE. I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I say how excited I am to enter into this relationship and begin leveraging their technology for our academic pursuits.”

About Causality Link

With its advanced AI-driven research platform, Causality Link helps investment research professionals produce more differentiated research by better understanding the “causal links” between their subjects and various market indicators. Causality Link was formed on the notion that long-term success in AI and Machine Learning requires a balance of human and machine collaboration that leverages the strongest qualities in each. Causality Link’s platform merges explicit expert knowledge of causation – not simply correlation – with the mathematical power of predictive analytics enabling professionals to gain big-picture understanding of the financial markets. Visit to learn more.

About the Toulouse School of Economics

Chaired by 2014 Nobel laureate Jean Tirole, TSE is one of the world’s top 10 economics departments with more than 150 international faculty and 2500 students researching a broad range of fields. Imagined by the great industrial economist Jean-Jacques Laffont in the 1980s and hosted by the University of Toulouse Capitole, TSE’s mission is to develop economic knowledge for a better world. TSE faculty have a long-standing history of partnerships with economic practitioners, an essential building block in the process toward policy- and practice-relevant publications in top international academic journals.


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