Alerts Insight, Week of 2/5: Will Zimbabwe’s Threat on Starlink Impact Global Expansion of Satellite Internet Services?

In our latest Alert Insight post, we share an alert our system generated last week that would be relevant to anyone watching the #telecommunications#aerospace and #technology industries, as well as individuals interested in international #policy.

On February 1, 2024, at 5:36 AM EST we learned from Pakistan Press International that authorities in Zimbabwe had threatened to arrest Starlink users and resellers. Starlink is not (yet) a licensed telecommunications provider in Zimbabwe, but its equipment and services have been advertised on social media and they already have some users there. The Silicon Valley interpretation of the famous phrase “ask for forgiveness, not permission” may create unanticipated and undesirable circumstances in some markets around the world after all…

This time, our detection came a few days after the first stories were published because we do not scrape the public Web to respect IP rights (the Causality Link platform parses over 60,000 fully-licensed articles each day).

However, the ramifications of this news may be long-lasting, and it is a situation worth monitoring. While Zimbabwe is not currently a very large market for Starlink, this spat highlights both the challenges that national regulatory authorities face with such “networks in the sky” as Starlink, and the pent-up demand for internet access in remote parts of the world.

Read more about Causality Link’s alerts in our new blog post, “A Predictive Edge: Harnessing the Anticipatory Power of Causality Link’s Market Alerts System”:

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