Alerts Insight, Week of 1/8: What Impact Will Starlink Have on Telecom and Aerospace Industries?

Throughout 2024, Causality Link will be sharing Top Alerts generated through our platform. With each bimonthly post, we will illustrate the value of our system’s alerts, which aim to surface emerging trends at their outset.

Kicking off the year, we share an alert our system triggered last week that is relevant to anyone watching the #aerospace#telecom and #consumerelectronics industries.

On Wednesday, January 3rd, we learned at 5:51 AM EST from the Newsroom of Infobae as republished by ContentEngine, that #Starlink had deployed the first six of its “Direct-to-Cell” satellites. These satellites enable direct connectivity between a cell phone and the Starlink network. They will be used to test the exchange of text messages in 2024 and direct phone communications in 2025. Over 6 hours later, the news reached a wider audience when Ars Technica published a story on the launch.

This news highlights Starlink’s continuous progress in its migration from satellite internet provider to general wireless communications provider. Starlink’s network in the sky will increasingly encroach on the business model of terrestrial infrastructure phone operators in the same way that cellular technology has largely displaced landlines – the “last mile” costs of a satellite-based communications network will fall drastically, heralding a challenging road ahead for incumbent providers.

Read more about Causality Link’s alerts in our new blog post, “A Predictive Edge: Harnessing the Anticipatory Power of Causality Link’s Market Alerts System”:

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