At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations Podcast – Putting the Future into Words with Eric Jensen, Causality Link

In this episode of At the Forefront, Eric Jensen discusses Causality Link’s addition of generative AI to its platform – combining it with existing causal and neurosymbolic AI models – to power new alerts functionality. Next, Eric discusses use cases for this enhanced functionality.

Causality Link has prioritized an easy user experience with this new offering. Clients can sign up by simply providing an email address and selecting desired ticker symbols or industries of interest. In addition, the alerts have defaults dialed in to ensure a reasonable threshold of novelty – a feature developed in response to client feedback.

Lastly, Eric offers his thoughts on the AI landscape and where the industry is headed in the future. Causality Link’s use of AI long predates the buzz of the past year and a half, and its co-founders have seen the waves of excitement and frustration that have come and gone.

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