AWS Webinar: How Fintechs are Leveraging AI/ML

Causality Link co-founder and CTO Eric Jensen joins Quantiphi and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a webinar on how fintech startups can leverage seamless document processing, custom ML models and AI-powered virtual assistants to solve business problems.

In this webinar, Eric shares how our technology collects millions of documents globally, reading more than 50,000 articles per day in real-time, to identify explicit cause-and-effect statements relating indicators and events, aggregating the knowledge of thousands of authors into a single deductive system.

The Causality Link Researcher Assistant ingests 50,000+ texts per day in 24 languages to build both signals and models that explain and often predict the impact of market forces acted on both businesses and economies.

Request access to the video to learn how Causality Link is using technology and the AWS cloud to deliver customers with valuable insights and forecasts on companies, industries and macroeconomic topics that cannot be generated with traditional data and sentiment.


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