How Causality Link is Living Out Bill Gates’ Dream

On June 24, 2019 at The Economic Club in Washington, D.C., Bill Gates was asked: “If you were 20 years old today and you wanted to start a new company, drop out of Harvard, what area would you want to start it in?”

He responded: “Given my background, I would start an AI company whose goal would be to teach computers how to read so that they can absorb and understand all the written knowledge of the world. That is an area where AI has yet to make progress. And it will be quite profound when we achieve that goal.”

In 2016, we founded Causality Link with the same dream – to harness the power of human expertise embedded in written text – and use it to inform the world’s business and investment decisions.

Like Bill, we understood that the amount of human knowledge available in electronic format is no longer within the reach of any human expert.

We created a company to tackle this challenge in May 2016, and we now demonstrate that AI can be leveraged to extract and aggregate this knowledge in a collective intelligence platform that merges the best of human and machine intelligence.

Our cloud-based platform, “Causality Link Research Assistant”, tags and extracts performance indicators, events, trends and causal links describing the market forces acting over time on commodities, equities, industries and countries. The platform reads in real time more than 50,000 news articles per day, in 24 languages, and has amassed a corpus of over 95M texts covering the past 5 years.

The extracted information is stored in a data lake to be aggregated on demand along many potential dimensions: companies, industries, portfolios or competitors; all while leveraging explainable and transparent causal models and predictions.

2020 was an unpredictable year. As COVID-19 became a reality, financial markets dealt with uncertainty and extreme volatility. Models built on past data were useless at predicting the changes our world was going through, and human observations of causal links were the only solid components on which predictive models could be built.

We expect 2021 to face similar uncertainty as people and organizations across the world try to repair the economic and societal damage the pandemic brought while attempting to get ahead of the emergence of any potential escape variant of the virus.

No matter what happens, we stand ready to help our clients navigate the waters and  share the incredible potential of this fusion of collective human intelligence with AI.

So Bill, check us out, there is still time to contribute to the ultimate adventure of mankind!


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