Understand the Future

Causality Link is a cloud-based platform that can read and understand millions of words each day from thousands of sources worldwide. The knowledge of millions of authors is surfaced as causal links that tell us not just what’s happening, but more importantly – why.
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The AI for Why

Most research platforms are limited to telling you what has happened or what will happen. Causality Link tells you why.

Cause and Effect

The only platform with automated causation identification and analysis to maximize your understanding of the future

Collective Intelligence

Early and diverse global perspectives from a large group of experts, with our licensed content partners delivering tens of thousands of articles per day in 27 languages

Full Transparency

Details and attributions that make it easier to create trust, substantiate findings, evaluate new ideas, build predictive models and compare and contrast points of view

Collective Intelligence for High-Stakes Decision-Making

By tracking indicator movements and events and automatically discovering cause-and-effect relationships, financial analysts, corporate executives and policymakers can gain a deeper understanding of what is driving business and economic performance.
Don’t just analyze company and macro fundamentals – understand what’s driving them in the real world and how these forces evolve over time.
Fine-tune your competitive strategy and make more informed business and financial forecasts.
Understand the effects of past policies and refine new ones to better serve constituents.

Delivering the Power of Causal AI

We are system designers, machine learning/natural language processing experts, data scientists and software developers. We are united by one goal: to help you better understand the future.

Insights Across Industries

Informed by collective intelligence, global perspective and full transparency into causal links, our research papers provide a taste of how you can leverage our AI platform.